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Children Of Bodom [Hate Me]

Video: Hate Me (Live)
Interprete: Children Of Bodom
Origen: Finlandia

I was born in ashes of molten hatred
raised by demons in abodes of the end
the reaper's scythe i fall upon to light my path
wrecked by mangled wounds of life
i have become become the resurrection of the evil one
'yknow that i don't fucking care if i live or die
I need a bishop preaching fire to get away with my sins
i despise everything i see so i don't give a fuck if ya hate me
Ain't got respect for humanity
never lived or wanted immortality
the reaper's shadow i fall upon to obscure my path
every day i'm being battered up until i bleed
you motherfuckas just leave me be
ya could never give me cure for the pain i feel inside
Led by the reaper i walk in the night
show me the way to yer kingdom come
I believe in armageddon, i've been baptised in alcohol
i'm embodyment of antichrist
i'm living for my own demise


Es una banda polaca de Death Metal. La banda ha variado el estilo a lo largo de su carrera, al principio tenía un estilo totalmente Black Metal, pero fue cambiando hasta convertirse en su actual Death.

Empezó el proyecto en 1990 con unas grabaciones de escasa calidad como Endless Damnation y The Return of the Northern Moon, el más significativo fue From the Pagan Vastlands hecho en 1993, el cual mostraba el potencial de Nergal como compositor.

Después de firmar con una discográfica poco conocida de Italia llamada Entropy, la banda grabó su primer mini álbum titulado And the Forests Dream Eternally en el año 1994, seguido de su debut oficial con el disco Sventevith (Storming near the Baltic), hecho junto a la discográfica polaca Pagan.

Adam Darski
Zbigniew Robert
Tomasz Wrobleski
Patryk Dominik Sztyber

Cuentan con nueve álbumes de estudio y uno en vivo, tres demos y siete EP's.

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Letra y Video de I Walk Alone [Tarja Turunen]

Tema: I Walk Alone
Interprete: Tarja Turunen
Idioma: Ingles


I walk alone
Put all your angels on the edge
Keep all the roses I'm not dead
I left a thorn under your bed
I'm never gone

Go tell the world I'm still around
I didn't fly I'm coming down
You are the wind the only sound
A whisper in my heart
When hope is torn apart
And no one can save you

I walk alone
Every step I take, I walk alone
My Winter storm
Holding me awake it's never gone
When I walk alone

Go back to sleep forever more
Far from your fools and lock the door
They're all around and they'll make sure
You don't have to see, what I turned out to be
No one can help you

I walk alone
Every step I take, I walk alone
My Winter storm
Holding me awake it's never gone
When I walk alone

Waiting up in heaven I was never far from you
Seeing down I felt your ever move

I walk alone

I walk alone, every step I take
I walk alone
My Winter storm holding me awake
It's never gone
When I walk alone